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Labrador With LeashWe Walk Dogs is the GTA dog walking service you can count on whenever you're unable to walk your dog yourself. Our experienced dog walkers are there to take care of your pups when you go on vacation, or on those times when life gets too hectic and you need a hand.

We are available to walk your dog or dogs, and make sure their needs are met as if you were taking care of them yourself. Our services include:



Dog Walker 2 DogsGroup Walks

Most dogs enjoy taking their walks in groups. If your dog is one of them, our group walks are the perfect way for your dog to get out and enjoy some fresh air and recreation. Our carefully trained dog walkers will ensure that your dog is comfortable enough to go on group walks with other dogs of similar sizes, breeds and temperaments. There's nothing better than a fun romp in the park with a group of friends!

Dog With Walker ShaddowPrivate Walks

Some dogs are better off going for walks without other dogs. Whether your dog is still in that "puppy" phase or hasn't quite mastered his or her obedience training, single walks can be arranged. Some owners prefer their dogs not be walked in groups. Our trained dog walkers will take into account your dog's demeanour and your preferences at your first meeting.